Daylight Saving ends tomorrow @ 2:00am

DaylightsSaveEnd (2)


Two states do not participate in DST: Arizona and Hawaii

Up until 2006, only parts of Indiana used DST – the state’s 2 western corners, which fall in the CTZ, observed DST, while the remainder of the state, in the ETZ followed year-round Standard Time

All Amtrak trains in the US that are running, stop at 2:00am and wait one hour before resuming their journey

During the 50s & 60s each US locality could start & end DST as it desired. One year, 23 different start and end dates were used in Iowa alone and for 5 weeks each year, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia were not on the same time as Washington D.C., Cleveland, or Baltimore – but Chicago was! and on one Ohio to West Virginia bus, passengers had to change their watches seven times in 35 miles!

In November 2007, Laura Cirioli of North Carolina gave birth to her twins, Peter at 1:32am and 34 minutes later Allison. However! because DST reverted to Standard Time at 2:00am the 2nd baby was recorded as being born 1:06 am!

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